POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews opens

polin-wm1There has been exhaustive coverage in the Polish and international media on the grand opening Oct. 28 of the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews. The opening — at a ceremony presided over by the Polish and Israeli presidents amid several days … Continue reading

Lublin: Transfer of Yiddish wall painting to conserve it

Photo: Virtual ShtetlVirtual Shtetl has been reporting on the discovery, conservation and painstaking transfer of a Yiddish wall painting — apparently a shop advertisement or sign — in Lublin. The sign was discovered in May at a house at 4 Cyrulicza St. in Lublin. It was decided … Continue reading

Video lovingly recalls Jewish Bukovina

  This has been on the internet for a few years, but it’s a lovely recollection of Jewish Bukovina — the onetime easternmost Austro-Hungarian province that is now divided between Ukraine and Romania. To a Yiddish song tribute to the region, … Continue reading

Simchat Torah! Celebrating the Torah with images of Arks

Ark in preserved ruined synagogue, Nowy Korczyn, PolandSimchat Torah — Rejoicing in the Torah, the Jewish festival that celebrates the conclusion of the annual cycle of public Torah readings (and beginning of the new cycle), falls on Thursday-Friday, Oct. 16-17. To mark the occasion, here are some images of the Aron ha Kodesh, … Continue reading

Poland round-up: cemeteries, synagogues, etc

Szydlowiec-wm2  A number of cemetery clean-ups and other initiatives and developments have taken place in Poland in recent weeks — and also some vandalism. We have reported on some of them, but here are notes about others. Virtual Shtetl has also … Continue reading