Galicia Jewish Museum in Krakow is honored

An event at the Galicia Jewish Museum during the Jewish Culture Festival, 2013. Photo © Ruth Ellen Gruber

Mazel tov to the Galicia Jewish Museum in Krakow, which has been awarded the “Kryształy Soli” (“Salt Crystals”) Prize in the category of “Preserving the cultural heritage” awarded by the Marshal of the Małopolska Voivodship. 

The museum reports that:

The Minister of Labor and Social Policy, Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz, and the Marshal of the Małopolska Voivodship, Mr. Marek Sowa, expressed their recognition of the Galicia Jewish Museum for its “invaluable input in promoting the history and culture of Jews in Poland; the preservation and support of intercultural dialogue; actively leading historical and political education; and promoting the region on an international arena.”

The “Kryształy Soli” Prize has been awarded since 2005 to promote public benefit organizations that operate in the area of the Małopolskie Voivodship.



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