The impact of returning to the shtetl

With Jewish genealogy a growth industry, and travel to eastern European eased, more and more people are “returning” (actually going for the first time) to the shtetls that their ancestors were often happy — or forced — to leave. The … Continue reading

Restoration of funeral house at Jewish cemetery in Moinesti, Romania

We are happy to share the link on the LEOLAM Jewish Heritage Foundation blog to a series of pictures documenting the inauguration Sept. 25, 2013 of the restored funeral house at the entrance to the Jewish cemetery in Moinesti, Romania. Renovation … Continue reading

Cultural heritage and tourism: Who pays for preservation?

Opening Jewish heritage sites to tourism is one of the goals of preservation, restoration and promotion of these historic, fascinating (and often splendid) places. It allows them to be visited and encourages knowledge about Jewish history, heritage, traditions and culture. … Continue reading