International Jewish Genealogy conference in full swing


The annual International Association of Jewish Genealogy Societies conference opened in Boston Sunday night.

The Aug. 4-9 meeting is the biggest annual event for Jewish genealogists, with more than 1,000 participants from around the world, including Australia, Israel, Europe, Latin America, Canada, Japan, and 38 states of the United States.

Speakers will be holding some 300 lectures and workshops on a wide variety of topics, from archival research to personal stories to the use of technology is research to on-site visits to ancestral towns, to hands-on cemetery restoration and commemorative projects  prompted by family ties to towns and villages.

JHE thanks in advance Marla Raucher Osborn, of the Gesher Galicia research group and web site, for speaking about JHE and the conference on Managing Jewish Immovable Heritage that was held in April in Krakow.




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