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In June 2012, Marla Raucher Osborn recounted how a local man, an avid collector and local historian named Janusz Dąbek, had created a small but impressive museum with a Jewish permanent exhibition in Ulanów, a small town in southeastern Poland between Zamosc and Rzeszow.

Ms Raucher Osborn now provides a follow up to her earlier report, with further information about the museum and other issues. Read it in the JHE "In Focus" section of this web site.


2 comments on “Ulanow, Poland update

  1. Shalom
    I am pleased to refer to Mrs Marla Raucher Osborn’s report on her visit to Ulanow 2 years ago.
    I ve my father family”s roots in this ” Statel” too. I visited the town twice last time with my brother Zeev and his wife Debie in 2009. We had a very unpleasant expirience when we saw an antisemitic Plaque in the hall of the community Center.. we were later informed that the antisemitic part of the Plaque was removed.. i hope they did
    I am very excited by the pics of pre-war .. I ve some photos and many letter of the 30th which i wish to share.. How do i do it ?
    Thanks to Mrs Osborn and Shana Tova to all

    Moshe Zwi Neu ( Neugebauer/Neussen)
    Haifa Israel

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