End of Summer Jewish Culture Festivals

EDJC 2012  At least four big Jewish culture festivals are on in Europe this week and next — in Warsaw; Budapest; Pula, Croatia, and Italy’s Puglia (Apulia) region —  ahead and after the “really big” one — the European Day of … Continue reading

Updates from Maceva organization on Lithuanian Jewish cemeteries

  Maceva, an NGO that cleans and documents and educates about Jewish cemeteries in Lithuania, has published its Spring/Summer 2012 Newsletter, with updates on its activities over the past few months. There are reports about clean-up and documentation activities in … Continue reading

Yiddishkayt in Eastern Europe

The World program on Public Radio International runs a piece on the trip to Belarus and elsewhere in Eastern Europe organized for a small group of students by the Yiddishkayt organization in Los Angeles, via its Helix project. Reports Nina … Continue reading

Synagogue in Buhusi, Romania restored

After the recent dedication of the restored synagogue in Radauti, Romania, news comes that the synagogue in Buhusi, which dates from the mid-19th century and has impressive wall paintings, also has recently been restored with funding from what was described … Continue reading

Archeology to begin on site of planned “Synagogue Square” memorial in L’viv

  According to the news web site wz.lviv.ua and other media, archeological work and on-site research will begin in September to prepare the way to implement the planned “Synagogue Square” memorial in the empty space in the old inner city Jewish … Continue reading