Prague Exhibition on Restoration of Jewish Heritage Sites in Czech Republic


Exhibit in the women’s gallery of the Jubilee synagogue. Photo (c) Ruth Ellen Gruber

A new permanent exhibition installed at Prague’s Jubilee Synagogue on Jeruzalemska street documents the restoration of Jewish heritage sites that has taken place in the Czech Republic since the fall of communism in 1989.

The exhibit, which opened in June, entails heritage sites that come under the jurisdiction of the Jewish Community of Prague — which is responsible for the management of 28 synagogues and 159 cemeteries in three regions of Bohemia. The Prague Jewish Community web site has a section with an interactive map of the heritage sites owned and maintained by the community.

Using panels showing information and before and after photographs of sites in Prague and nearly 20 provincial towns, plus a map and a computer database with more than 60 interactive sites,  the exhibit documents a remarkable success story in towns and villages where, for the most part, no Jews live today: the recovery of Jewish cemeteries and the restoration of synagogues and other buildings, including the transformation of some of them into local or regional Jewish museums.

Photo (c) Ruth Ellen Gruber


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