Austria — Klagenfurt Jewish Cemetery Restored


Good news from Austria. The Jewish cemetery in Klagenfurt,  in southern Austria, as been restored by the city after decades of neglect.

According to the Austrian Independent web site:

Among other renovations the entry door and memorial plaques have been rebuilt and restored and the completed and restored cemetery has now been officially handed over to the Israelitische Kultusgemeinde responsible for Jewish affairs in Austria.

The president of the Salzburg branch of the community, Marko Feingold, said he had always believed that the Jewish cemetery in Salzburg was the best in the country – but he added: “I now need to take a step back and say that the one in Klagenfurt is now the best.”

Also see the report on the Austrian Jewish Community web site.


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  1. i come to Austria — Klagenfurt in 28\6\17
    to take a part of ironman in Klagenfurt
    i want to ask about sinaguge of kosher food in Klagenfurt

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