Austria — “book of the dead” may help map Jewish cemetery


The recent discovery of the book of funeral records for the Jewish cemetery in Deutschkreutz, Austria, may help map the graves in cemetery, which was destroyed by the Nazis in World War II. According to  Austrian media, the records list the row and plot for about 1,500 burials.

John Leo-Moberg writes in the Austrian Times:

According to “Misrachi Österreich” – an organisation for Jewish people in Austria – determining the exact locations of the graves was impossible before the book was found.

Johannes Reiss from the Jewish Museum in Eisenstadt believes that the book of funeral records is a cultural historical object. He said: “When you consider that there are 8,000 Jewish graves in Burgenland, and that hardly any of the cemeteries have proper records, a book of such records can tell us a lot.”

The locations of individual graves are not provided in the book, and the “Misrachi Österreich” try to complete the cemetery by looking for aerial photographs and other documents concerning the cemetery planning.

See an Austrian TV report on this topic



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